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Katie's Free Pantry

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Monotary donations can be mailed to the parish office at 514 S Main Street, Rural Retreat, VA 24368. We GREATLY appreciate your donations of non perishable goods. Some things are not as popular as others so the list is provided as guide to what leaves our shelves the fastest:

Pop top cans are best as they are much easier to open for kids & seniors.

"Single serving" items go best, ex: Microwave Mac & Cheese (just add water, no stovetop cooking).

Please DO NOT leave fresh foods such as fruit, vegetables or meat. They tend to rot before they are taken.


Katie's Free Pantry

feed | clothe | love

Katie's Free Pantry is a "Take what you need, give what you can" food pantry located at Grace Lutheran Church property. The pantry began in 2018 and continues to be regularly used by members of the community. The pantry is stocked daily by parish volunteers with canned and non-perishable food items, toiletries, cleaning supplies, baby supplies, and more.

514 S Main Street, Rural Retreat, VA 24368

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